Wednesday, 14 May 2014

These Little Creatures Burrow

These Little Creatures Burrow

These little creatures burrow, and dig endlessly all day,
In total darkness all their lives, don’t have time to play,
Every here and there they push, mound of soil up top,
In the most annoying places, n’ nout to make them stop.

Their coat is fine and silky, and it brushes either way,
Because in tiny tunnels, shunt backward with no delay,
In good rich soil finding earth worms, catch them unaware,
To feed his busy little body, with no one will he share.

His feet are as little spades, to dig a longer tunnel,
And with his back feet shove the soil, up a little funnel,
This is when you see soil move, pushed up from below,

A mole is what I’m looking for, just to say hello.

Owd Fred

What Turns more Earth

Ever thought of what turns more earth, than any other means,
Draw down the compost in the ground, to disappear it seams,
Aerate the ground, leave drainage holes, do a power of good,
Improve the land beyond compare, appreciate them we should.

Can never see them while they’re at work, working in the dark,
Break down humus in the soil, so plant roots can embark,
On growing strong and well fed, from the fertility they bring,
Its earth worms that I’m on about, their praises we must sing.

Owd Fred

Worms in the garden

Worms in the garden, and worms in the fields,
Eat all the rotted vegetation, improve all the yields,
Drawn down into the earth, a worm hole there to leave,
Pushing up the worm casts, a little pile of soil is heaved.

Repeated over a garden, or over acres in the grass,
Drawing down the cow pats, does it quietly without harass,
Moving in its little way, tons and tons of soil,
Millions of them working hard, their little bit of toil.

Owd Fred

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