Wednesday, 25 December 2013

Happy Christmas to all who read this (2013)

Ya should see him now he's got a good sun tan and sweating cobs in the oven, this will be our last Christmas at the farm, and thought I would take a few pictures to share with you. We have always lived in one farm house or another, and it will be a shock to our systems to move to a "normal house".

Like I have said before the bathrooms I have been used to, (this is how we judge the size of big houses) you could if seated , sit fifteen folks, the house were moving to has seating for only ONE, and they call that a normal house, OH how will we cope.
I thought I'd give the turkey a good send off , da ya think it looks happy and comfortable, it spent its last few hours in the sauna and in control of the television

Its now 11am on Christmas morning 2013 and I have been forces to open the oven door a touch to ease the heat on the recumbent who is now getting what I would call hot. You see its an old coal or log fired Rayburn, and its well revved up, there's no knob to turn it down, so the oven door is left ajar.

Next job to do, after its rested for an hour, will be to sharpen up the owd carving knife, 

Anyone for Lunch.

Happy Christmas Owd Fred and the Misses