Sunday, 27 April 2014


I had a conversation with me sen about money tuther day, and this is the gist of how it went. By the way I think I'm just about up to what's writ in the last verse right now

Money, in life it is a must.

If there’s one thing ya conna do, without in life it is a must,
Fa comfort and for energy, it’s always boom or bust,
Ta buy or sell, to try to swell, to savings bank ya thrust,
Surplus money, it’s hard to save, when yov earned an onest crust

Ya money’s what ya need right now, n’ savings got to raid,
With all the bills paid up to date, as the tax man wields his blade,
With nothing left on the bottom line, red ink now displayed,
Ya start again n’ work like ell, in blood n’ tears n’ sweat yuv flayed.

Be persistent don’t give up, it’ll come right in the end,
Money now, you’ve got it saved, and too dam mean to spend,
Tight as a ducks arse, that you are, still make do and mend,
Ya conna tek it with you, when six foot down impends.

Owd Fred