Thursday, 1 September 2011

I’m Trying to Remember

Memory is a fickle thing for me, and looking back years ago it seems most clear, but then there is no one going to challenge what you claim to know.
My misses loves her garden,
And the old blacksmith made wicket

Details of the most irrelevant things come to mind, and always after you should have remembered, and too dam late to tell. 

 I’m Trying to Remember

I’m going to try to tell you, about the thing forgotten,
All that slipped my mind, unpleasant things so rotten,
It’s just as well it slipped my mind, can’t remember that,
This page it will never get used, till memory it comes back.

I don’t recall that happening, forgot that’s what I said,
Could get into a lot of gripe, I’d remember if I’d bled,
Only need a trigger, to set my mind alight,
Could understand if I were blind, I would have no sight.

Can’t remember what we just said, got to say it twice,
Doesn’t sink in just like that, please give me advice,
I hear alright, goes in my head, soaking in it does not do,
Said again, begin to grasp, the words I must pursue.

Its all a part of getting old, or that is what they say,
Remember well from years ago, when we went out to play,
But last week, even yesterday, what ever did we do,
Need to dredge deep into my mind, I haven’t got a clue.

The good you do is not lost even though you forget it.