Saturday, 9 November 2013

Dialect spell checker, Didn’a Couldn’a Wouldn’a

    Sorry I have not posted so regular this last weeks or is it months, I have been a bit distracted in compiling some of my stories into a book, you could not believe how long it takes to proof read and then read again just to make sure when it goes into print, everything is how it should be.
Take for instance, its bad enough for me not being all that literate, and simple every day words that have two meanings do not show up on the spell checker, take coarse and course, I didna know which one to put in until it was pointed out to me by a learned friend of mine. Then of course/coarse there's me/my own dialect spellings, where if I write what I have on me mind, half the page would be underlined with spell checker lines.

So read what O'v writ if ya can, it's all "Queens English" in my part of the world, and as for putting phrases and paragraphs together I tend not to leave enough room for the reader (you) time to breathe, I was told at school some seventy years ago that a comer in a line of writing told you where to take a breath.

Didn’a Couldn’a Wouldn’a

Round here among, the country folk,
Words get shortened, as they’re spoke,
Didn’a and could’na and would’na and should’na,        
     didn’t,                   couldn’t,                    wouldn’t,                        shouldn’t
                        Dun’na know weer,  or how fur its spread ta.                       
   Do not,                    where,                            far                                to

                                    Appy ta try, tar rit it darn but,                                
   Happy to                  to    write it down but,
                            Looks like none, are in a dictionary arv got,                                   
                                                       iv’e      got
With inna and wunna, and conna om appy,           
          is-not,             would-not,                could-not , I’m happy,
                                                 But conna git aat ov, saying things snappy.                                    
          Out   of

                          Mustn’a and inn’a and occard, ov bosted my spell check,                                                                                                                                                               
     Mustn’t,                      isn’t ,              awkward     I’ve        broken
So modern are keyboards, with buttons on deck,
All of these words are of negative state,
Brought up with them, so change it is too late.

Owd Fred,