Saturday, 14 December 2013

On this land we love the best

I can't help but look back on the on the last 70 years that I have lived in this village,  my farming years are now coming to an end and it time to hang me boots up. 

My furthest move was a mile and a half from Brook House Farm, to the Beeches Farm, then to Church Farm and finally to Yews Farm 
On the left of this picture is the Beeches Farm where we grew up as kids, this is a recent picture with the village houses on the right

I took the tenancy of my first farm, Church Farm, in 1960 and started with stalls for 30 milking cow, the main shed is in the right of this picture

Church Farm house and churn dairy on the left in the distance in the middle is the wheelwrights shop, the tractor on the right I still have and I drove it from new in 1956.  Ended up milking 70 cows the new cubicle shed is in the distance (below the wheelwrights shop)
The working end of Yews Farm moved a hundred yards up the road from Church Farm in 1983

We will only be moving a hundred yards west of the farm into a house where the village wheelwright lived, just out of this picture on the left.

On this land we love the best

We are watched from way up high, on how we treat our land,
This land that we are caring for, for generations stand,
To stand just where our fathers stood, see it through their eyes,
And how the fields and lanes have looked, neath the clear blue skies.

The misty foggy mornings, dew drops on all the leaves,
The sunrise on the meadows, the bird song in the trees,
Long shadows in the evening, as the sun sets in the west,
Trees and bushes in full bloom, on this land we love the best.

Owd Fred