Thursday, 19 December 2013

Merry Christmas ( Christmas card to all who read this all around the world)

Merry Christmas

The lights are up, turkey bought, and the cards are coming in,
Holly round the mantle shelf, decorations hung within,
For all the children presents now, dunt know where to start,
Buying now on line you can, money from ya card impart,

Each passing year they got older, laptop n’ all gizmos’ need,
Computer games and telephones, with built in camera plead,
Be glad now when its come and gone, good food good cheer n all,
Its just another day in life, as out of bed I crawl,

Stock to look and count and feed, all me life the same,
Exiting for the kids so young, for me excitements’ getting tame,
So its from the misses and me, to all around the world,
Wishing you Happy Christmas, and Happy New Year unfurled.

Owd Fred & Eileen