Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Yes om gettin on a bi

Yes om gettin on a bit, just about the same age as PW, the regulars will know him, I may have exaggerated some of the verses below some what, but there's no hiding the thin grey hair the extending waist line, the glasses and the not quite so brisk walking. Oh yes we have got a dinge in the back bumper of the car, I backed it into the tractor hedge cutter leg. 

Passed another Mile Stone

I have passed another mile stone, each year it is the same,
Birthday’s come and birthdays go, the excitement’s getting tame,
Not sa quick at doing things and hair it’s gone all grey,
After lunch we have a nap, and bed times half past eight.

Walking’s steady, runnings out, pace me sen a bit,
Now I have a shooting stick, on which I often sit,
Got to eat lot less now, the weight it going up,
I’d be sent to market now, if I were a fat owd tup.

Eye sight not too bad but, cannot read without some aid,
Glasses need up dating now, the eyes they have decayed,
Should have longer arms to read, new glasses conquer that,
They hit you in the pocket hard, on the old ones I have sat.

Driving very cautious, conna see what’s round the bend,
Reactions slowing up now, braking distance I extend,
Reversing on the mirrors, the distance hard to judge,
Backing up to a big old gate post, no wonder it wunner budge.

I thank my lucky stars that, I’m being looked after very well,
Still here on this old planet, writing down me tale to tell,
Recording what 0've done in life, and all the folks we met,
Come hail or rain or sunshine, but we still get bloody wet.

Owd Fred