Sunday, 8 December 2013

Exciting times (Nov Dec 2013) The escaped bull, (not mine thank goodness)

For such a small village , it has been livened up by three separate incidents that do not happen around here very often.

The first story here

The escaped bull
The first incident was a young bull that has been running about this general area for over three weeks now, it apparently escaped with thee heifer of the same age, about 18 months to 2 years, and some eight or ten hours later they were cornered in with a large dairy herd and penned up when they went down for milking.
The heifers were loaded up but the bull lunged over a gate bending it down and escaped. it went back to the "host" dairy herd, and after a few more hours of hopping over fences and gates they failed to corner it and was left grazing with 350 dairy cows.
The following morning it had disappeared, presumably back to where it had come from. One week later it was spotted way back in a wood, where it had been hiding, it adjoined the field that it had been grazing in with the dairy herd, it must have found a bit of piece and quiet food (leaves) and water but was still very nervous about even being seem. The owner brought up some feed for it and could not muster enough helpers to attempt another roundup, so another week went by and he was finally encouraged to walk down to the building with the dairy cows again. This time into a newly made cubicle shed, needless to say he was jumping about in there and bent a number of cubicle stalls and escaped back to his wood.
During the third week arrangements were made for a slaughter house man to come and shoot the animal in the wood and take it off. But not being able to get the correct  paper work, and with TB restriction in place in our area, the slaughter house would not shift it. So now 22 days on its still living in the wood. A beast like that, that learns how to escape and jump and dodge, will never settle down in one field again, it will always escape, no matter what, so it will almost certainly have to be shot in the wood.
Will bring you up to date when that happens.