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This is my blog archive on the Farmers Weekly (FWi  UK)  web site dating back from 16th August 2008 (at the bottom) up to 30th July 2011  (at the top)

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July 2011

To Market drayton Sell  (Cattle market)
Farming on a peat bog (only part of th..
We wus Brung up Proper (1940's)
Vicon Acrobat spider wheel 50 Years ago
It was Winston (The Bull)

June 2011

How we found out that Ash Trees have S..
The Old Kitchen Floor
The Se-----ford Staffordshire Hoard
This day fifty years ago 31 May 1961.

May 2011

Old Village Mortuary
How we lived in the Old House
Memories of Olden Days
Picture tells a Story
A Grip Like Iron
The Knackers Yard

April 2011

Marl pits
Lost a Cow
Something about Nothing
Garry the bull

March 2011

Two hundred day winter
Potatos foot apart
Mother Reared her Chickens, late in th..
Farm Dispersal Sales

February 2011

First Land Rover a "Rag Top"..
Actions Speak Louder than Words 

January 2011
Under achievement of output big style
The June Returns 1961
Low Cost Production, Milk Marketing Bo..

December 2010

Story of Hobble End Cottages
Christmas Greetings
The Persistent Escapee (cow)
Cattle out wintering

November 2010

The hay elevator
We have a cow and she's real mad

October 2010

Computers Read the Lot
Loading Cattle
I'm Not an Educated Chap

September 2010

The War time Blackout
The Longest Swath
British Food Packed not Grown

August 2010

Black Gold
Fields Lanes and Country Roads all ha..

July 2010
Mother made her Pastry (1940's)
Up to now we haven't had a Drop (rain)
Irreversible Changes in one Small Vill..

June 2010
The Dentist
It happened one fine summer afternoon
People and Families Born in this House.
I had an encounter with an A10 Tank B..

May 2010
Self Sufficiency 
The Village Policeman

April 2010
"Time and Tide waits for no man&q..

March 2010
The Suckler Cows have started Calving
The Wedding Reception
I've got a little Breakdown,
Another Hedge Cutter Mishap
There's a mouse in the house (or more)

February 2010
How other peoples rubbish can be so in..
The Garden Telegraph Pole
Village Tour
The Five Village Green Cottages

January 2010
The Load Tipped Over
Dairy Cows of Old
Embarrassing Moments (bike)
Our First Attempt at Silage Making

December 2009
Cattle Droving
Merry Christmas
Fog Turned into Smog (1950's)
The Cow Stall (1940’s)

November 2009

Thanks to all who have been following ..
The Scrap Ruck
Forms to Fill to Farm
Farmers Skills know no Bounds

October 2009

Suckler calves
One Mysterious Little Meadow
Remember the Neck and Earhole Wash
Eric farmed at Cooksland Hall Farm
I had a Good Old Bike (early 1950's)

September 2009

Pig Stopping Days are Over? not now.
Now it looks more like a Book
The Home Guard Contraband (1945 ish)
If your name is Brian, Graham or Paul ..

August 2009

Two more Animals in our Lives
St Swithin's, it did rain on the 15th ..
The Village Pump
Food Miles

July 2009

Another Mile Stone 
A Hand Can Tell Your Fortune
Second report on the Ploughing match e..
Stafford Vintage Machinery Club tracto..
Numbers Galore
Our First Massy Harris Combine Drill (..

June 2009

Water Meadows "bedwork or floated..
A Day Out to the Sea Side (1947)
All Got up Except One Calf

May 2009

Another old Village Charactor old Mrs...
Some of the "victims" of My ..
Animals in our Lives part 2
Farming Into Old Age, (Three Score Yea..
Twins, Twins, Twins,
Worms in the garden, and worms in the ..

April 2009

Moles and Meadows
Life does not get any easier (cattle)
The British Hedgerows and Boundaries.
Gardening as a Pastime(with tractors a..
Staffs. Vintage ploughing Match Report 

March 2009

Family Tree Back to 1753
We Had a Woodwork Teacher called him &..
Tom Abbotts, Best loved Village charac..
The Staffs. Vintage Club "Ploughi..
Post and Rails of Oak

February 2009

The War-Ag had a stock of arable machi..
The old Seed Fiddle
The Bacon Rashers were 50/50 Fat and L..
Should Have Put the Blade out of Gear

January 2009

Farm safety a Topic on most peoples mi..
A Hay Sweep Fitted to the Standard For..
To Cut and Cart the Kale Blog (Mid 194..
The Joys of Running a Rest Home
This was drawn by the Standard Fordson
I Remember the Threshing Machine Mishap

December 2008

We had a fox that's crafty, and the hu..
Just a Greetings Christmas Card
Now I am a cow and telling me tale,
Animals in our lives (Milly the Jac..
Remember Mother's Christmas Cake's, ev..
I Remember When Father Got Lumbago
Corn Harvest 1940's ( For those on tu..

November 2008

Mother's Traditional Christmas Puddings
Old Characters of the village (Albert..
The cows have got a leader, and she wa..
I Remember Mother Lighting the Kitchen..
Mother Always Worked So Hard (1945) 
Grandma always had a very strong ‘best..
All this election fever has been getti..

October 2008

Exploring the Bacon Pits. (1948) 
Feathers Floating Round the Light
Climate Change, the hot topic (or cold.
The Great Escape "Getting out of ..
Need long toe nails like claws to grip..
I knew the old gypsy was about to &quo..
Norfolk Four Course Rotation (1950's a..
To Farming College I Was Sent

September 2008

Verse to theThe Wheelwrights' Shop Sei..
The village wheelwright and his family
This is a follow on to the thread &quo..
Farm as if you'll Farm for Ever
Father always kept Ayrshire Cows with ..
The Long Harvest 1938 to 2008 
Father grew Sugar Beet (1950's)
Two more of my tractors

August 2008

This is the story of my operation to h..
You may like to see my tractors 
Is everyone really out there
Village Craftsmen - The Blacksmith
A Bit Long in the Tooth
The Weather forcast by Owd Fred's moth..
At Onslow Park this Weekend
From my own life experiences about the..
Looking Back them Years Ago (1940’s)

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  1. Hi,
    Read with interest as an old staffordian left long ago.
    My wife reckons she knows, or is perhaps related to, a couple if people shown on the family tree in one of the books. Cannot find it here though. Is there a better more readable copy of it available?
    Please reply to if possible.
    Many thanks in more ways than one.