Thursday, 31 October 2013

New Book The Longest Furrow

For those who would like to read some of these blogs from a book, this is what I have had published, its called "The Longest Furrow" by Owd Fred. 

You can find them on----    Amazon Books The longest Furrow  ---   in Google or any search engine, there are four Volumes now on sale with a fifth in the pipeline.

Locally I find that its the older generation that are interested, the ones who do not have a computer, and cannot read what I've written, at the moment they are being bought as a Christmas presents for grandpa or grandma. 

It gives an incite how one individual  (me) has lived all my life on the farm, I am second of four, father was eldest of four, grandfather was one of eight, G. grandfather was youngest of seven, G.G. grandfather was youngest of eight, and my G.G.G. grandfather was born in 1753. 
Out of the six generations of farmers, I and my father were the only ones to benefit from the use of tractors.

These books are being sold and money raised goes to a head injuries charity

 Headways North Staffs.

The front picture on Volume 2 on the right is of our village.
Top left in the picture is Beeches Farm where I was brought up, bottom right is St Chads Church and just above left of its tower is Church Farm where I started farming and farmed for 25 years.
 Bottom left in the picture with the white roofed farm building is Yews Farm where I have farmed (30 years) up to present day.

One thing I have never blogged about , and I do not intend to here, and that is the fact that we lost our only son who got fatally injured on our own farm yard at the age of twenty one, and it is the Headways charity
who do a wonderful job of helping those who have gone through such trauma  and survived. We do our best to support them as they are all volunteers who run the Charity and are always very grateful of donations collected.

I am sure you will get as much pleasure reading this as I did out of writing and compiling the books.

Thank you in anticipation.

Fred Waterfall  (Owd Fred)