Sunday, 11 May 2014

Mother Always Worked So Hard

Sometime you look back at how hard you have worked throughout your life, but then you think back a how your own parents worked bringing up a big family, feeding and clothing them at minimum expense during and after world war two. The only ‘fast food’ we knew of or remembered, was a traveling fish and chip shop that came through the village one evening per week, and that was coal fired. (He certainly would never be keen to do an emergency stop) 

Mother Always Worked So Hard   (1945)

Mother always worked so hard, to rear her brood of kids,
As we grew bigger and in our teens, we must have cost her quids,
Four of us lads and our dad, Uncle Jack as well,
Looked after all of us, knitting socks and jumpers she excelled.

Big appetites we had, and thrifty she had to be,
Most things grown about the farm, including all the poultry.
Eggs and chicken, more often old hen, regular we had,
Potatoes beans and cabbage carrots, all grown by our dad,

Rabbit pie most every week, killed a pig and cured,
Only thing she did buy, big lump of beef well matured.
Bottled all the fruit she could, and salted down the beans,
Got the meals and baked the cakes, did washing in between,

Baker came three times a week, six loaves every call,
Corn flakes she also brought, lot of boxes I recall,
Through the war and rationing, never seemed go short,
Well fed, we all worked hard, and not much time cavort.

Owd Fred

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