Tuesday, 8 April 2014

As Old as what you Feel

My owd dad always said that, "you’re only as good as your feet", but then he was talking bout, horse’s cows and bullocks for meat.

As Old as what you Feel,

They always say that your, as old as what you feel,
Only now I like to have knap, after almost every meal,
And in the night get disturbed, got to water me hoss,
So now I think I must be old, me legs I cannot cross.

The old body that I’ve worked with, all my living years,
Getting tired and old as well, confirming all my fears,
Joints get stiff and muscles ache, cannot move so fast,
Stumble over rough ground, getting all harassed.

I cannot read the paper, until my glasses I must find,
Remember where I put them, must be getting blind,
The misses she has got them on, cannot find her own,
Each of us both as bad, but then we shouldna moan.

Feet I conna reach right now, back won’t bend so much,
Got to have chiropodist, corns and toe nails to retouch,
Dad always said that, you’re only as good as your feet,
But then he was talking bout, horse’s cows and bullocks for meat.

Hair it has all gone grey, and very thin on top,
Need a hat in winter, the freezing cold wind to stop,
No insulation gainst the cold, a wig I got in mind,
But then its two lots of hair to comb, as well as going blind.

Ya mind is getting slower, reactions far too late,
The young ones like to drive, my driving they berate,
A dent or two I don’t mind, but it frightens them to death,
When they’re sitting in the back and cannot catch their breath.

So now I try to look relaxed, put me feet up on me chair
Central heating turned up, find me glasses and combed me hair,
Slippers on oh what bliss, the telly’s far too loud,
Lost the bloody controller now, good job were not too proud.

Owd Fred

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