Tuesday, 3 February 2015

The UK Weather and it patterns

The UK Weather and it Patterns

Here in the UK  we have a relatively calm weather patterns, not too cold and not too hot, the same with the wind and rain. I suppose its because we have only a small land mass compared to US and Australia.

I know I'm a bit owd fashion, but I remember my mother always "did" the weather for us at home, and all the family, she could give a "forecast" based on what stage the phase of the moon was at, and watching the house barometer closely. Even into her eighties we could contact her and the first thing was, the weather, and was advised during the summer, when to start hay making or combining and so on, and the prospects for the following week.
From what I learned from her, the weather will set a trend in the first few days of the new moon and that trend will often follow through till the next moon. We have just had a full moon, so it seems the weather, the jet steam is set in place for another couple of weeks.  Come to think of it mother would have never heard of the jet stream or what it does, bless here.

Thats me on the right in  the picture in the snow of 1947 when the roads to the village were blocked solid with drifts, it was all dug out by hand for a mile in both directions.

Whether the weather

Whether the weather, be hot or be cold,
Weather is weather, can’t be bought n’ sold,
Whether the weather, be dry or be wet,
The weather dictates, if you freeze or you sweat.

The signs in the sky, and the phase of the moon,
The tide and the waves, they all call the tune,
We take what it sends, and bow to its power,
A storm and a twister, or just only a shower.

The sun comes to bake, the soil into dust,
Sun gives the warmth, warm the earths crust.
Sucks up water, form clouds gives us rain,
Rains on the earth, n’ begins over again.

Owd Fred

The trouble with weather forecasting is that it's right too often for us to ignore it, and wrong too often for us to rely on it.
Patrick Young

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