Sunday, 18 May 2014

Neck and Earhole

Ya may know what lads look like when they've been playing/working around the farm all day, then come in and only wash what they can see in the mirror, well mother was always on hand for the inspection before bedtime, the phrase was, "go and get a neck and earole" 

 Neck and Earhole Wash

Mother always told us, to wash behind our ears,
Neck and earhole what she called it, in our early years,
This is where she always looked, for grime not yet reached,
It’ll end up on the pillow that is why she always preached.

At the sink with bar of carbolic, soap to those don’t know,
Lather on your hands and flannel, sleeves rolled to the elbow,
Watched that we made good job of it, never did she miss,
Must admit it felt so fresh, we went to sleep in bliss.

Owd Fred

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