Saturday, 3 May 2014

My Village

Next year there will only be one farm left in the village

There is about fifty houses in the village, there used to be five farms, now only two farms left

Right up in the top left corner of this picture is one of the woods that surrounded the old war time airfield, and down both side of it were bomb dumps which were covered over with cama flarge netting  to hide them from being attacked during the world war two 

Who would like to be a farmer?

You've got to love the country, you've got to love the land,
Got to put the time in, and to anyone lend a hand,
It’s a lonely job at times, work for hours out in the fields,
To grow the grass and rear the stock, and aim for better yields.

Early morning milking’s, and all day to growing crops,
A long day mending fences, the work it never stops,
The working week 40 hours, done that by Tuesday night,
Every week and every month, end of the year in sight.

You stop to help an injured bird, binding up it wing,
Or tend a birth of calves and lambs, new life the world to bring,
Day and night you’re on call, to help all those in need,
To all the folk and stock give life, on this we set our creed.

 Owd Fred

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