Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Mother had a tea cosy

I winter most of us wear a hat, or sommat ta keep ya ed warm, but with mother doing most of her work in the house, and all of the 'work' hats already out and in used (by us), mother grabbed the tea cosy off the tea pot and pulled that well down over her ears. 
It was knitted from thick unravelled wool, which was curly from it previous job as a jumper, the jumpers always wore out up the front and the sleeves, but the back was always knit (by her) in a separate panel and she could salvage a good couple of big balls of wool to knit again into scarves of gloves, in this case a tea cosy. 

 Mothers Tea Cosy

Mother had a tea cosy, to keep the tea pot warm,
Used it for other things, that’s not quite the norm,
It was all home knit, out of thick unravelled wool,
From warn out jumper unpicked, so curly was the wool.

On cold days she would ware it, outside in a storm,
Already warm and hot, from keeping tea pot warm,
Feeding hens or getting coal in, always pulled it on,
Hair stuck out the holes, where handle n spout were from.

Owd Fred

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