Tuesday, 15 April 2014

My Parents Learned us Everything

Its not until you have your own kids to bring up, that you begin to realise the job our parents had bringing us four lads up during the war.
The rationing and the scarcity of things we take for granted now. I remember seeing my first banana in 1948, mother made us eat it mashed and spread on bread and butter. 

My Parents Learned us Everything

My parents learned us everything, how to live our life,
Helped to show us how to cope, and all about the strife,
Little things they matter most, and manners we did learn,
Respect for other people, and trust that you must earn.

Father taught us how to, feed calves and milk a cow,
Breed pigs and rear them, then taught us how to plough,
How to cut and lay a hedge, to fence the cattle in,
Hang a gate so it would swing, show us where to begin.

Mother showed us how to cook, from very early age,
Pick the peas and beans and mint, and parsley and the sage,
Tasted all that she prepared, even before it’s cooked,
It always met with our delight, tasted better than it looked.

Experience takes a long time, to build up over years,
Learning takes a lifetime, and sometimes brings you tears,
Knowledge is what you try to gain, path of life to smooth,
No one knows how long we’ve got, wounds in life to soothe.

Owd Fred

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