Tuesday, 10 December 2013

The escaped criminal (or that's what I thought)

The escaped criminal (or that's what I thought)
The third incident I encountered when coming home from town mid morning last week, and half way between town and the village is a lay-by, a bit of road that had been cut off when straightening the road.
In the lay-by in the distance was a parked mini car, an up to date fast one, and way in the distance coming from the village were three cars traveling at high speed. To my amazement they swooped into the lay-by
in close formation, the first one went past the parked mini and pulled up across the front of it, the second one, a marked police car pulled along side, and a third also a marked car boxed it in. All this would have taken about 30 seconds, and by the time I drove past the group the three policemen in full riot gear were out of the cars and leaning over the roof of their respective cars pointing guns at the driver of the mini car. He had a hood of his jacket well up over his head and face, so I could not see his face at all.

I would have offered them help or assistance, in whatever way I could, but with all the guns involved, I thought better of it and drove on home. However, a couple of hours later I went down and found the lay-by empty, so seeing as is one of my fields that adjoin that lay-by, very often things get chucked over the fence, and on a close inspection, I half expected to find a discarded gun or weapon. No weapon in the field, bit disappointing, and on close monitoring of the local news that night , nothing was mentioned about an incident in our area. Maybe a false alarm, or the bloke gave himself up without fuss, I will never know, but I just wish I carried my camera with me a bit more often, I could have been a reporter and sold me story to the highest bidding newspaper. All wishful thing.  

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