Sunday, 27 November 2011

What we were doing 50 years ago this day 27.11.1961

Just been looking back in the old farm diary on what we were doing just fifty years
ago today

This is the relavant page fifty years ago today 27 Nov 1961
It seems we were clearing out an old open fronted cart shed to put a gate on the front and a hay cratch on the wall at the back, in order to inwinter some young stock
That week we had got a contractor in pulling in plastic water pipe with a mole plough, plastic water pipe had only just reached farm level around then I remember they cut a thread on the end of the plastic pipe, put an insert in and screw the brass tap directly onto the plastic as if it were iron. NEW NEW NEW.

This was the nearest they had to a cattle crush, and note the cattle, young stock all had horns, the cows would be tied up in the cowsheds by the chain. There are a few horses in the back ground.

Bamfords were a leading farm machinery makers back then, disc and drum mowers had not been invents then, still with the finger bar mowers. The gearless spider wheel, see bottom two pictures on the right of the above advert, had not long been about.
The muck spreaders were land wheel driven.
Tractors had no live hydraulics, when you dipped the clutch the PTO would stop

These are the new Massey Harris combine drills brought out around that time they planted the grain and fertilizer along at the same time, father bought one and pulled it with his Diesel Fordson Major.
At a later date they fitted them with tractor rear tyres (Fergy back wheels). I still have four of the old steel wheels about the garden as ornaments

This is the page marker thatv come with the diary

This is a calculation done on the back of the page marker, in long hand before we had calculators, I checked it with my calculator today and its spot on, don’t know what I was working out at the time.
Any ideas anyone, we had never heard of Hectares back then

 I doubt if school childen, or older school age kids would know how to do that calculation nowadays. Tell me if you do and I will appolagise

Owd Fred

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